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How to Create an Invoice
How to Create an Invoice
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Note: Access to the Billing App is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Invoices in the Billing App

1. Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘Billing’.

Note: A Stripe account must be connected to create invoices within the Billing app. If this step hasn't been completed yet, click here for information on how to do so.

2. Initiating Invoice Creation:

Once inside the Billing app, look for the '+ Create' button and click on it. In the dropdown that appears, select 'Create Invoice'.

3. Choosing the Customer and Service:

Locate the 'Customer' dropdown and select the client for whom you want to create the invoice. Following that, under 'Product/Service', use the dropdown to choose the relevant service.

4. Setting up the Payment Method:

In the 'Payment Method' section, you have two choices. You can either select the option to automatically charge a payment method or opt to email the invoice to the customer. Make the choice that best suits your needs.

5. Creating the Invoice:

Once all the previous steps are completed, click on the 'Create Invoice' button.

Note: You can now effortlessly generate invoices directly within the Billing app in your dashboard. Repeat these steps as needed for other customers and services.

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