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How to Use Checkout Elements in Your Funnel Using the Funnels Application
How to Use Checkout Elements in Your Funnel Using the Funnels Application
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Note: Access to the Funnels app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Checkout Elements in Your Funnel Using the Funnels Application

1. Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘Funnels’.

2. Select a Funnel:

From the list of funnels, select the funnel that you plan to use checkout elements on. If you don't have any funnels yet, make sure you create a funnel first by pressing the '+ New Funnel' button at the top right of the page.

3. Find the Checkout Elements:

After selecting the funnel, select the step that you want to add your checkout elements to and press the 'Edit' button on the right side of the page. Within the editor, in the left hand column, select 'Elements'. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and you'll see all the different checkout elements in the 'Checkout' section.

4. Select the Checkout Element That Fits Your Needs:

From the items in the 'Checkout' section, you can select from the following:

1 Step Order

A 1 step order form is a checkout process where all necessary information is collected on one page. It's designed to be quick and efficient, asking for only essential information such as name, email, billing details, and shipping address. It's simple and direct, minimizing the chances of cart abandonment. In a funnel, the 1 step order acts as a single point of conversion where the lead transforms into a customer. It's often used for lower priced products or when you're selling a single product to prevent overwhelming the customer with too many options.

2 Step Order

A 2 step order form is a checkout process that splits the required information into two steps. The first step typically involves collecting the prospect's name and email address. This way, even if the potential customer doesn't complete the purchase, the business still has their contact details for follow-up marketing efforts. The second step is where payment information is collected and the sale is completed. In a funnel, the 2 step order form can be beneficial for higher-priced products or services, as it gently guides the customer through the checkout process, reducing the risk of overwhelm and cart abandonment.

Order Confirmation

The order confirmation gives customers reassurance that their order has been successfully processed. In the funnel, the order confirmation is generated dynamically based on the product that was purchased.

One Click Upsell

One click upsell refers to a marketing strategy where customers are offered an additional product or service immediately after they've made a purchase. This usually happens on the 'Thank You' page. The upsell product or service is typically related to the initial purchase and adds value to it. The 'one click' part means that the customer can add this to their order with just one click, without needing to re-enter their payment details. In a sales funnel, one click upsells can dramatically increase the average transaction value, contributing to a more profitable funnel.

Note: You can add products and charge users on your funnel by having your Stripe account integrated in your Billing app. As of now, Stripe is the only merchant processor that can be integrated with DashClicks.

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