Our platform allows you to easily review your purchase history and download invoices within your account settings. This article will teach you how to access this area and how to utilize the information stored within your account.

Accessing Your Purchase History

To access your purchase history:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Then, click on Settings.

  2. Look to the left-side column. Click on Purchase History below Billing Preferences.

Reviewing Your Purchase History

When arriving at this page, you should receive a notification indicating that you need to select a business. At the top of this page, you’ll find two dropdowns that read Select Business, while the other allows you to select a Status. You will be able to select your own account as well as all of your sub-accounts.

Select the business for whom you wish to review the purchase history. Then, select the status of the payment, which includes:

  • Paid - You or the client paid the invoice.

  • Draft - A draft of the invoice exists, but it is not yet issued with a due date.

  • Open - We issued the invoice, but have yet to collect payment.

  • Uncollectable - We are no longer able to collect payment from the client for this purchase.

  • Void - The purchase was voided.

After selecting a condition for both dropdowns, the page will auto-update with a table containing the relevant information. If there are no results available, the page will state that there are No Invoices.


The table features the following information within the pictured columns:

  • Date - This shows the exact date and time the purchase was recorded.

  • Business Name - The business associated with the purchase.

  • Invoice Number - The unique identifier that we use for each individual invoice

  • Amount - The cost of the purchase

  • Status - The status of the purchase (paid, unpaid, voided, etc.)

  • Action - This is where you can download the invoice.

The entire purchase history for every business will always remain within the database. You can download a copy of the invoice by clicking on Download Invoice. This will allow you to download a PDF file that you can open up with your browser or on your browsing device.

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