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How to Use the Customer Support Options
How to Use the Customer Support Options
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Step-By-Step Guide to Live Chat Support

1. In App Help Options:

Click on the question mark icon at the top right portion of your dashboard that's labeled as 'In App Help'.

2. Get Help & Support:

In the menu that opens up, select the 'Live Chat' option.

3. Using Live Chat:

A chat window will show up on the right side of your screen. Follow the prompts and then enter your query in the chat box and our automated system will try and resolve your issue. If your query is not resolved, you'll be routed to a live agent.

Note: Our extensive collection of over 300 help center articles are designed to address a variety of platform usage issues. When you send us a query, it helps us not only resolve your current problem but also enhances our help library using your feedback. We value your input.

4. Await Response:

If you had been routed to a live chat agent, we should be able to update you promptly, depending on the time and day that the query was submitted. Please make sure to check our hours of operation.

Guide to Email Support

Send Email:

You can send us an email directly and our live chat team will be prompted to answer your query promptly. Our support email is:

Guide to Phone Support

Call us:

You can call us directly and our live chat team will answer your call and help you with any questions you may have. Our support phone number is:

  • +1 (866) 600-3369

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