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Customize Your Live Chat Bubble
Customize Your Live Chat Bubble
Updated over a week ago

This article will show you how to customize your live chat bubble within the Conversations app in your dashboard.

  1. Log into your dashboard and press the circular icon at the top right. Then, select "Settings".

  2. At the top of the page, select the "Apps" tab.

  3. In the left rail, select "Conversations".

  4. Scroll down to "Live Chat Bubble. There, you will see three different options that include Customize Messenger, Availability, and Required Information.

  5. In the Customize Messenger section, you have different options:

    1. Messenger Title - Inputting text here will update the top portion of the live chat bubble

    2. Intro - Inputting text here will update the portion of the live chat bubble right under the title

    3. Header Logo - Upload the logo that will appear at the top of the live chat bubble

    4. Background Color - Set the primary color of the live chat bubble

    5. Action Color - Set the color of miscellaneous items in the live chat bubble like buttons and links

    6. Wallpaper - Set a background pattern to your live chat bubble

    7. Custom Launcher - Upload the image that will appear when the live chat bubble is closed

    8. Launcher Position - Adjust your launcher’s position to be on the right or left side of the live chat bubble. You can also adjust side and bottom spacing for more customizability

    9. Sound - Toggle this on or off, giving you the option to play a sound for incoming messages

  6. In the Availability section, you have different options:

    1. Set your office hours - Let users know when your live chat team is available or not

    2. Share your reply time - Let users know how quickly they can expect a reply in live chat

  7. In the Required Information section, you have the ability to select what information is required from the user to proceed

  8. Once you're done customizing the live chat bubble, select the "+ Add Chat to My Website" button

  9. You will then see a widget that will show you the sites that you have connected. If you have not connected any sites yet, you will see the following prompt. Press on the "+ Add Live Chat" button

  10. Input the domain that you intend on adding the live chat bubble to. Make sure to add the transfer protocol (http/https) as needed or this will not work. Press "Submit" when ready

  11. You will now see a line of code which you can copy and paste right before the end of the <body> tag on any page that you want to enable the live chat on. You can also "+ Add" more sites as needed

Congratulations, you can now create and control live chat bubble for your sites in your dashboard!

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