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How to Install Live Chat on Your Website Using the Conversations App
How to Install Live Chat on Your Website Using the Conversations App
Updated over a week ago

This help article will show you how you can use your Conversations App to install live chat on your website.

  1. Head over to the Conversations App by opening up the app drawer icon at the top right of the dashboard and selecting "Conversations".

  2. In the Conversations App, click on the the Settings button at the top right.

  3. In the settings menu for the Conversations App, click on the the blue "+ Add Chat to My Website" button on the right side of the page.

  4. You will then receive a prompt that will show you your active live chat codes or letting you know that you have not added live chat to any of your websites yet. At the bottom of the prompt, if you have not added a domain yet, there will be a button to "+Add Live Chat", go ahead and press that button.

  5. Input your domain. Make sure that you input the transfer protocol (http/https) correctly at the beginning of the domain, otherwise, it will not work. Click on the blue "Submit" button.

  6. You will now see the domain you input and a script under it that you can copy, proceed to copy that script.

  7. After the script is copied, you can now proceed to your website editor and add the code right before the end of the <body> tag on whichever pages you want the live chat to be on.

Every website editor is different so you may need to find out how to add the code based on your platform. We have created additional help docs with instructions on how this is done on some of the most popular platforms. Please see links below:

• Wix

Congratulations, you now have the ability to connect with your clients via a live chat integration on your website!

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