The DashClicks platform and Fulfillment Store accept promotional coupon codes on all purchases.

Here is how to add your code at checkout throughout the entire platform.

Using a Coupon Code in the Fulfillment Store

  1. Add the fulfillment service you wish to purchase to your cart.

  2. On the checkout screen, find the text at the bottom that reads Apply a Coupon. Click this.

  3. Enter your promotional coupon code in the text field that appears. Click Apply.

  4. You will now see the discounted price on the checkout screen.

Using a Coupon Code for Website Purchases, Phone Numbers, or Subscription Changes

  1. Add the item you wish to purchase to your cart.

    For Sites, select your website template and click Purchase at the top-right of the screen.

    For InstaSites, locate the website you wish to purchase on the My Instasites tab. Right-click and select Purchase.

    To purchase a phone number, locate Phone Numbers in your account settings. If you need further assistance, use this guide to set up your new number.

    To manage your subscriptions, locate Subscriptions in your account settings. For additional help with this process, click here.

  2. Add an item to your cart from any of these areas. Doing so will prompt a checkout modal to appear.

    This screen will appear prompting you for your payment information. In the top-right corner, find Apply Promo Code.

  3. Enter your code and click Apply.

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