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How to Install Live Chat on Your Shopify Website
How to Install Live Chat on Your Shopify Website
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This article will provide you with specific instructions on how to install live chat on your Shopify website after you have generated your script using the Conversations App.

Note: Shopify gives you the ability to add custom scripts by editing site files but this requires some technical experience within the dashboard. In this article we will go over the technical route of editing site files. We would encourage you to be cautious though because incorrect implementation may break elements of the site.

  1. Go to your website editor by logging into the Shopify backend. Then, go to the "Online Store" section in the left rail and select "Themes".

  2. Click "Actions" and then "Edit Code".

  3. You will now see the code editor section within Shopfy. Make sure that "theme.liquid" is selected.

  4. Within the code section, locate the closing body tag (</body>) and input the copied script right above that tag.

Now when navigating to the site, you should be able to the live chat bubble at the bottom of the site!

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