DashClicks grants users the ability to set up their own custom domain to completely white-label their dashboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE - In order to have access to the custom domain feature, you must subscribe to the Pro plan or higher.

Users will be able to set this up either as a root domain or a subdomain. Examples of these may look something like this:

Root Domain


  • app.mydomain.com

  • dash.mydomain.com

  • Note - you may use an alternative prefix for your subdomain as necessary

Setting Up Your Custom Domain

1. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Then, click on Settings.

2. From the left-side column, go to Business Settings. Then, click on Branding.


3. Once there, click Edit on the right to modify the Domain Name setting. Enter your desired custom domain name for your dashboard. Please refer to the tools for root domains and subdomains as described in the section above.

Click Save.

Note - It will take a short period for your domain to update after completing this entire process. After your dashboard officially updates to the new domain, it will appear as the sole URL in bolded text here.


4. Next, login into your cPanel or DNS Hosting to edit your domain DNS records. Add a CNAME pointing to s.dashboardmode.com.

If you are utilizing any of the following registrars, you can find in-depth instructions for each listed below. After you complete the steps in the article, return here to complete the process.

5. At this point the process completes without any further assistance from you. Once the changes have had an opportunity to propagate within your registrar, the system will add your domain to a queue and generate an SSL when it's your domain's turn.


This step can take up to 48 hours. If it has not been at least that long the system is likely still working through the queue. If it has been longer than 48 hours and the process does not show as completed, please feel free to open a support ticket.

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